Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Marks by other students

Initial Designs and Sketches

Google SketchUp Model - Lifts and Table

Filefront Upload

EXP3 Crysis Wars Environment

Lift Controls:

Miranda Kerr
Up: press 'u' key
Down: press 'k' key

Angela Merkel
Up: press 'c' key
Down: press 'b' key

Angela Merkel's Lift

Miranda Kerr's Lift

5 Real Time Image Captures

Image 1
Miranda Kerr's office represents her femininity. The circular structure symbolises Miranda's soft and subtle appearance while the ribbon-like formation is a representation of her career as a Victoria's Secret model.
Image 2:
Angela Merkel's office expresses boldness and strength. The striking pyramid structures represents her life as a politician while the dome exemplifies Germany's Parliament House. It can be described as being "cradle of fire". The core center is where Merkel's power lies. It evokes her leadership as the German Chancellor.
Image 3:
The meeting place is an intricate structure that depicts the women's level of power as it is multi-leveled. It is a mixture of sophistication, class and boldness.

Image 4:
The meeting place personifies the integration of femininity, strength and boldness. Femininity is shown through the lightness of the structure which is presented through the open space where it is suspended. Strength and boldness can be seen through the straight lines and sharpness of the structure.

Image 5:
The Bridge. The whirling structure on the bridge begins soft and subtly from Miranda's side then slowly increases in height until it epitomises the strength and boldness of Angela Merkel's when it reaches her side. This represents the women's power which shows that it can be portrayed in different levels.